Do you ship anything in ace attorney?


imageI dont know how many times ive noticed that they might like like each other, i mean with the “im saddled with unnecessary feelings” and the “he keeps saying wright wright wright over and over” …. im a narumitsu anon. Annnd what else.. I do ship the judge and boxed lunches haha (sadly I cant add the pic for some reason;;) I hope i’ll have more ships when I play the rest of the games! :>


What if phoenix tried to use cool lingo he found on the internet to impress Trucy and Apollo and Edgeworth for a few months
and for a week he started saying “no homo” to everything and he once accidentally said it to edgeworth and he got extremely mad like “NO HOMO I AM YOUR BOYFRIEND HELPING YOU RAISE YOUR DAUGHTER YOU PIECE OF ACTUAL TRASH WHAT THE HECK” and after that phoenix cried for 3 hours in a hamster home he made out of old case files

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No Room has announced that a previously unpublished interview with Susumu Hirasawa from 2013 has been released. Some of the topics discussed include the bands he listened to as a child, his early fascination with the electric guitar, his childhood interest in machines (radios, model…


i made these this past february and i am so proud of them lol


hotels can’t be boring to me

they’re just fun

even if i’m sitting in the room watching tv or riding the elevator or sleeping it’s just fun for some reason like they’re average every day things but in a hotel everything is way more amusing and interesting and just simply being in a hotel is fun to me and i don’t understand